Top 3 Sportsbooks to Bet on NFL Games – Online and In-House

Betting on NFL games has never been easier with more and more locations and online sportsbooks opening regularly. If you are new to wagering on the NFL, it may get a little overwhelming trying to figure out where the best places to bet are. Below we will share the top spots for betting regardless if you want to bet from the comfort of your couch or where it all happens, in Vegas or New Jersey.

Top Online Sportsbooks for Betting on NFL Games

A great NFL betting site must have plenty of betting options, speedy payouts, flexible banking opportunities, top-notch customer support, have quality customer support, and be user-friendly.

Top Sportsbooks in Nevada and New Jersey for Betting on NFL Games

Although online betting has its comforts, many looks for the atmosphere of being around like-minded people. These are our top locations for placing your wagers in Nevada and New Jersey.

Nevada Top NFL Sportsbooks

Nevada is well-known for its wagering opportunities. Of course, of all the cities in Nevada, Las Vegas is the place to be for sports betting.

The Mirage

With plenty of room to enjoy any game you want to watch and great comforts, this is by far the leader on the list. Betting is simple, seating is comfortable, and food and drink are readily available. What more could you want?

Westgate SuperBook

They have the newest screens available in Las Vegas, and they are among the best oddsmakers in Las Vegas. They take the most substantial wages that most avoid and offer the fairest and sharpest lines, point spreads, and odds on the strip.


This shining star for bettors on the strip offers everything for your comfort needs. They have the most respectable bookmaker in Vegas and are usually the first casino to release football lines on the strip.

New Jersey Top NFL Sportsbooks

New Jersey is quickly catching up to the leader in sports betting, Las Vegas. With new sports bars offering betting opportunities popping up regularly, bettors there have a plethora of opportunities.

Monmouth Park

Opening just days after sports betting was legalized in NJ, this sportsbook has attracted the top sports bettors in the vicinity. They offer a variety of bets and comfort to enjoy the games.


This is the first AC casino to have sports betting, attracting bettors and sports enthusiasts alike. They offer every comfort and plenty of betting opportunities a bettor needs.

Ocean Resort Casino

Sportsbetting happens in the heart of the casino floor, offering plenty of TV viewing opportunities, an impressive sports ticker, and food and drinks nearby.

Wrap Up

There many places that you can enjoy betting, in-house or online, to place your bets, but knowing the best requires some trial and error, and perhaps a little help. Every sportsbook in our list is tried and tested for quality, the best opportunities, top-notch customer service, and comfort. Give them a shot and share your thoughts in the comments below.